The relaxation and fitness area of the Relais du Petit St-Bernard


The relaxation area is equipped with a SAUNA built in cedar wood, a HAMMAM in mosaics as well as an « Italian » shower with shampoo/shower gel. Outside of the relaxation area’s operating sessions, the room is freely accessible for your fitness training sessions. The room is equipped with a water rower, an ergonomic bicycle, a muscular strengthening bench with weights and floor mats for your stretching and relaxation times.

All of the facilities meet disabled access standards.

This space does not include a cloakroom, so you must have a towel, bathrobe, slippers as well as a swimsuit, shoes are prohibited.

In winter, access to the space is included in the stay price. We offer to rent a kit composed of a Man or Lady bathrobe and a bath towel. The price is: 9 for the stay.

In summer, access to the space is on request (allow 30 min for the heating of the facilities). The price is: 9€/person/day or 15€/person for a stay of more than 2 days. The price includes access to the space and the relaxation kit (bathrobe + bath towel).

This relaxation area is only reserved for people over 16 years old.

Le Relais du Petit St-Bernard
La Rosière 1850